About Us

JazzyStones is the handmade jewelry and accessories line of One Vision Apparel, LLC.  I started this from a passion to create beautiful things with quality stones that added a little 'jazz' to my wardrobe.  Though I have a corporate career in IT, and am a busy Mom of one little girl, I loved making unique and stylish pieces of jewelry.  I found myself staying up until the wee hours of the morning, just to design and adore the beautiful types of gemstones.  I still marvel at some of the beautiful gemstones that this earth creates, and love being able to adorn those into something amazing we can wear on any given day, for every different mood. 

My Journey

I started off designing for my personal collection after purchasing a bracelet.  I found that I really wanted to learn more about the stones and how I could create something in the color and style that I wanted.  After some researching and creating something unique to my match my style, my interest grew, so I decided to follow my passion and share the love!  Each piece created is a little different, so you will have your own handcrafted designed jewelry! I love the idea of gifting something that is unique to that person - just a little something to make people feel extra special.  I hope you enjoy each and every piece of your JazzyStones!